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Personal Finance and Retirement Planning Article Library

Our personal finance article library was created to provide solid personal financial principles. The strategies in many of our articles are some of the simplest, yet most powerful available.   

The Debt Elimination Pyramid 
This simple strategy will teach you how to completely eliminate your credit card debt quickly and painlessly.
The 7 Steps of Personal Finance
These 7 steps are the groundwork for successful personal finance strategies.
How to Create an Emergency Fund
"Create" money even when your bank account is zero.
How to Create a Household Budget 
Create a household budget that the entire family can everyone.
How to Raise Money-Smart Kids
Teach your kids the secrets of successful money management.
Your Credit Report - What's it all about?
Learn how to read your credit report and find out what is on it.
Do You Know How to Manage Stock Market Volatility?
With recent stock market volatility, do you know how ensure you'll achieve your retirement dreams?
How to Allocate your Household Portfolio Now and in your Retirement Years
Asset allocation accounts for over 94% of a portfolio's return. Learn how to allocate your household portfolio.
Money Management for Newlyweds 
Are you getting marriage soon? Learn what to do to ensure you and your spouse will enjoy financial bliss. 
How to Select an Investment Professional and How the Sales Process has Changed
Searching for an investment professional? Read this before you make your selection.
How to Put Idle Cash to Work
Don't let your cash just sit around not earning money, find out what to do with it.
You Only Have Two Choices - This article is a non-financial, motivational theme.
Learn about the only two choices you can make in your life.
2008 Income Tax Resolutions
Learn the secrets for a smooth 2008 tax season.



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