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The services in this section can help you supplement your current income. The programs on this page have been reviewed by our experience team for quality of products, quality of the company and potential income. You will need a website to participant in these programs. To learn more about each program, simply click on the each banner.

Complete selection of super fruit products and gourmet fruit products.

Partner up with Traverse Bay Farms today and earn 8%-20% commission on each item. Traverse Bay Farms is the world’s leading company dedicated to helping people stay healthy and eat healthy with antioxidant-rich, fruit-based products and fruit education.

Free shipping on several of our best-selling products and high-cross sell among our products! (this means more commission to you!) In addition, customers never have to wait for their order, because all orders are shipped within 24 hours.

We also have our “As Seen On TV” Fruit Advantage brand, a complete selection of hot selling products and the patent-pending formula Fruit Advantage Cherry Prime. This product is not available anywhere else in the world.


Small Town Dream - The Guide for Moving to Small Town America

Many families and individuals are leaving the big city for the small town lifestyle. The stress, the crime and the declining quality of life are some of the main reasons many are relocating to small towns all across America. This book provides proven strategies, step-by-step guides and insights to enjoy the small town life to the fullest.


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